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The Styles

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The business is focused on delivering high-end salon quality services and products, without the high-end mindset… just good natured, knowledgeable professionals performing the services they love.

Our Price List

Trim Your Body HairFrom $15

Trim Your HairFrom $40

Color Your BeardFrom $49

Wax Your BeardFrom $69

Complete TreatmentFrom $90

Working Hours

Monday To Friday09:00AM -10:00 PM

Saturday11:00AM -08:00 PM


Call: 1-800-552-6985

The Styles

Via Solferion Salon Services


More than just a “haircut”…Have our stylists give you a hairstyle. Includes consultation, wash, cut, blowdry + style.

Clip In Extensions

Have some clip in extensions you want to add to your hairstyle? Bring them in and have one of our stylists place them for you. Price reflects 5-7 pieces.

Root Color

Re-colour you roots/regrowth. Up to 1” of regrowth. Includes consultation, application of root colour, wash, hydrating treatment + ruffledry.


Things to Look for in your Bridal Beauty Package

Things to Look for in your Bridal Beauty Package

It is every woman’s dream to walk down the aisle and get married to the love of their life. Well, for new brides there are always questions about what to include in the bridal package and what is not necessary. First off, having a wedding planner to work with is very...

Benefits of Visiting Hair and Beauty Salons

Benefits of Visiting Hair and Beauty Salons

Hair and beauty salons are not a foreign concept to many women and men. In fact, some people visit them on a routine basis to keep their style fresh and consistently looking good. Others make frequent salon visits to keep their hair color crisp, or to help maintain...

Tips to Remember at your Child’s First Haircut

Tips to Remember at your Child’s First Haircut

Our kids grow up so fast. In the blink of an eye, they are walking, talking, and becoming more independent than ever before. As our children grow and develop, there comes a time for many firsts, especially their first haircut at a real salon. As many of us parents...

The Leading Salons of the World

The Leading Salons of the World

It’s a fact that a good number of people visit different major cities across the world and at times they need their hair to be done. Now, the major question is, where should they go? What you need to know is that the world offers a pre-selection of hair salons in most...

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