It’s a fact that a good number of people visit different major cities across the world and at times they need their hair to be done. Now, the major question is, where should they go? What you need to know is that the world offers a pre-selection of hair salons in most the major cities. You can either use a drop-down menu to search of a member salon in the city of your interest or a GPS on your mobile phone to locate one closest to you. On that note in the following discussion, we are going to look at some of the leading salons of the world.


David Mallet salon, Paris:

This one of the leading salon in the world that is based in Paris. The salon was started by a top hair stylist in world by the name David Mallet. The salon is known for its outstanding job from creating glamorous looks of the world’s top supermodels to washing their hair in their bathtub as they still slept in bed. Additionally, David Mallet salon is known for its quality product that has made the beauty industry to be a success. From the quality of services provided by the salon, it’s actually classified as one of the world’s leading salon.

John Barret salon, New York:

This is generally a renowned brand of hair salons and beauty by a great hairstylist by the name John Barret. The salon officially opened in 1996 at the penthouse of Bergdorf Goodman, New York. The John Barret Salon is a beauty destination and importantly a full-service luxury hair salon. Some of the services offered in the salon include nails, high-end hair styling, relaxing, Spa therapies, braiding, coloring, cutting, treatments, blowouts, and makeup. The salon is regarded as the world’s leading salon because of its quality and luxury services it offers to its customers.

Daniel Galvin Salon, London:

This is the world’s leading salon that is best known for best stylists and hair colorists. Daniel Galvin provides world-class beauty services, color, and bespoke hairdressing. The award-winning salon has a well-trained team that delivers the best when it comes to style, personalized color, and experience. Importantly, each and every team member is inclusive, respectful and crucially inspired to deliver tailored services that quality, unique and enhance natural beauty in hair. At Daniel Galvin’s you can find stunning personal services and hairdressing.

RikRak Salon at the Four Seasons, Miami:

One of the world’s leading salon that blends its passion for fashion and hair. The salon was started two stylists Rik and Raquel Watters and importantly brings you an expertise of more than 30 years. The combo boutique and salon offers you a number of services from blowouts to handbags that you can be looking at as you wait to be offered the quality services. Within the same premise, you enjoy your salad, lunch on a small plate or even sip your wine you receive their services. Significantly, you can also indulge yourself in head-to-toe treatments if you wish.