It is every woman’s dream to walk down the aisle and get married to the love of their life. Well, for new brides there are always questions about what to include in the bridal package and what is not necessary. First off, having a wedding planner to work with is very crucial since they will guide you on how to go about the entire process. Also, the following are some of the essential things to have in your bridal package.

Bridal Beauty Package

The face:

Apart from having a beautiful wedding dress, people also tend to focus on the face of the bride. Having a happy and a radiant face completes the entire look and leaves you looking great and beautiful. Therefore ensure that you take good care of your skin by avoiding direct sunlight burns and by treating your face. You can go for a facial therapy and mask about two weeks to your wedding. Also, avoid stress as much as possible by letting your wedding planner and other people help you.


Unlike before whereby brides only had one make up package, today a lot of brides prefer having two packages whereby they have one look for the ceremony and another different look for the reception. Another critical thing to focus on when it comes to makeup package is the makeup artist to hire. You need someone who has knowledge and skills regarding bridal makeup and someone you believe will do a good job. So, choose an artist who has an experience and has worked with various brides before. You can have a makeup trial session before the big day so you can be able to gauge if the artists will do a good job or not.

Hair package:

It essential that you take care of your hair before the date of your big day. If you have never stayed outdoor for long, then you will need sunscreen hair products to protect your hair from sunlight damage. This is because your hair will be exposed to the sunlight during your wedding day which can be harmful. Make sure you treat your hair to prevent it from getting weak and brittle by using hair conditioners and sunscreen hair food. You can manage the hair a week or two before your wedding day.


Every bride wants their day to be perfect and therefore to ensure that everyone knows what is required of them, there is need to have a day for rehearsals. Ensure your groom, bride’s maids and other members are present so you can rehearse together. Some of the rehearsals to conduct include the vows, the exchange of the rings and also the matching down the aisle.

Trial package:

This is done three days before the big day. A bride needs to try out her gown to see if it is fitting well or requires any adjustments. The hair and the makeup artist can also do a trial of the styles that they will do during the actual wedding day.